Discard The Riffraff And Choose The Best

Lately I have been hearing more and more about relationship disappointments and the struggles of single women who desire marriage. My heart has great love for these women because I was once in the same situation and desired nothing more than a loving, honorable, Godly husband to be with me and my daughter. I would dream of the day that we were all in our home together and I had that strong man to lean on, support me, encourage me, love me or just sit in the living room folding clothes while watching Family Feud (yes, we do this!). So yes, I understand the struggle, but I also know that there is way to have what you want.

A common theme in the stories I hear mostly revolve around women getting involved with men that they should have avoided in the first place. It is true that you cannot do the wrong thing well enough to succeed. That does apply to relationships. Recognize this as truth – please. If you are continually experiencing disappointment in relationships because men will not commit, do not have life goals that you are comfortable partnering with, or are just simply on a different course than you, then the issue is the selection process. Own that. Yes, own it. I know, its not easy or pretty to own, but it’s the first step to making better decisions going forward. (more…)

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What’s Really Important?

We were so blessed to spend the weekend with family and friends celebrating birthdays and Father’s Day. It was absolutely amazing to get together and laugh loudly about nothing, take funny pictures, and catch up with everyone. Honestly, its something that we just don’t do enough. Too often, the busy-ness of life pushes out the most important things to make room for the urgent things. We begin putting off those family dinners and trips to the lake until ‘later’. Unfortunately, many times ‘later’ becomes ‘never’  and we fall into the habit of prioritizing the wrong things. In the long run, we could end up with regret because of the moments lost with those precious people closest to us. Let’s re-focus, re-prioritize, and re-commit to making time for our families, spouses, friends. Plan that vacation that’s been put off for years. Make time today to call a parent, read with a child, catch up with a friend or have dinner alone with your spouse. Building loving relationships is the most important thing we can ever do to improve our lives and the lives of those dearest to us. The email can wait until tomorrow.

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Dear Ashton – Mother And Teenage Daughter At Odds

Dear Ashton: I can’t seem to talk to my teenage daughter anymore. It’s as if she resents me or has something against me. If I say anything to her it immediately becomes a VERY tense situation, and sometimes hurtful things are said. I don’t know what caused this, but we hardly talk, spend time together, and she seems to be very content with just letting our relationship die. I don’t get it, and it hurts me deeply. How can I find common ground with her to try to rebuild that loving mother-daughter relationship that we once had? I’m at a loss!

Desperate Mother


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