Start Taking Your Power Back Today!

At some point in our lives we have to realize that the majority our experiences are the result of our own actions and choices. Re-occurring patterns, both good and bad, are not coincidences. Unfortunately, we use excuses to explain why some negative scenarios keep happening over and over instead of digging deeper to find out why. We are not powerless victims of circumstance and it is irresponsible to use that excuse. Also, as long as we are pointing the finger at others we will not recognize how our own actions contribute to the challenges we face. We will not change our actions until we make the connection between actions and experiences. (more…)

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Don’t Reward Yourself Just Yet…

You deserve it.

That phrase, used the wrong way, causes us to compromise our resolve and accept a life of small results. We have all done it, so this is a message for everyone. ‘You deserve it’ is what we tell ourselves when we want that extra slice of pizza, but are supposed to be committed to a healthy diet plan. We know that voice well… “Have that chocolate, you deserve it!” “Finance that expensive watch, you deserve it!” “Take a break from exercise today, you deserve it!” Its the allure of instant gratification, but we only feel good for the moment and usually regret the poor choice later.   (more…)

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Whether Ice Cream Or Diplomas, It All Works The Same

Just think about it. When we’re sitting on the couch and start thinking about how nice it would be to have a nice big bowl of ice cream, it won’t be long before we’ll find ourselves in the kitchen happily filling a bowl with it. And don’t forget the chocolate syrup! We may later wish we hadn’t eaten it (or maybe we didn’t!), but we did anyway. Why? We thought on it so long that we could actually see it, smell it, and eventually taste it. (more…)

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