Don’t Reward Yourself Just Yet…

You deserve it.

That phrase, used the wrong way, causes us to compromise our resolve and accept a life of small results. We have all done it, so this is a message for everyone. ‘You deserve it’ is what we tell ourselves when we want that extra slice of pizza, but are supposed to be committed to a healthy diet plan. We know that voice well… “Have that chocolate, you deserve it!” “Finance that expensive watch, you deserve it!” “Take a break from exercise today, you deserve it!” Its the allure of instant gratification, but we only feel good for the moment and usually regret the poor choice later.   (more…)

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Don’t Join The Fuss!

I heard a great message this morning and had to share it with you! Today it seems that joining the fuss has become a favorite past time for the majority of people. Social media has made it so easy to violently argue and debate points of view and it is fueling verbal fires across the internet. While everyone is screaming at one another, who is getting anything done? Who is actually doing anything about the issues being debated? (more…)

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