Dear Ashton – Husband’s “Money Matters” Are Hurting Our Marriage

Dear Ashton: I am in my second marriage, and we have been married for less than 3 years. My husband and I divide all of the household responsibilities and expenses. We have separate bank accounts and we each pay our bills from our own accounts. I have a budget for how much I spend on bills monthly, and I try to stick to it closely. Lately, I feel like my husband is taking advantage of me because he uses up the household items I purchase and does not replace them. He does not even think about my budget and the added expense his actions cost me because I’m the one who has to go buy more. I don’t think it is fair that I have to continue to replace items that he uses freely without considering how it affects me. I do the things I am supposed to do, and he should do the same. Why doesn’t he just replace the items he’s used instead of waiting for me to do it? This is happening every month. I am frustrated, but I have not said anything to him about it. But I know he can tell something is not right and it’s hurting our relationship. Am I wrong for thinking this way???

— #MoneyMatters


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