About Ask Ashton Common sense advice for the everyday woman

ashton-riley-pic2Ask Ashton is a common sense advice column for the everyday woman dealing with real life challenges. So, if you are entering the teenage years of parenting, face the challenges of a blended family, struggle to balance work and marriage, or just need to cut loose some ‘friends’ who have overstayed their welcome in your life, this is the place for you.

Ask Ashton has “been there-done that,” and is ready to share real and practical solutions that can be used in real life situations. This is not the place where you will find cookie cutter, generic answers, so be ready for the truth in love. There will be no sugar coating, but there will be compassion, wisdom and hopefully a little fun along the way!


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ask Ashton answer every question submitted?

I read all questions and try answer every question submitted. Some questions and answers are not shared on the website due to the nature of the question. These more sensitive questions receive email responses.

Is Ask Ashton a licensed counselor?  

Like many advice columnists, Ask Ashton is not a licensed counselor. Those who require professional treatment should seek a doctor. Ask Ashton is simply an advice column providing common sense answers to life’s everyday questions.

How did you come up with the name Ask Ashton? Is it your real name?

It’s an funny story that took place over a decade ago. One day someone called the office where I used to work and asked to speak to “Ashton Riley.” They were certain that they had previously spoken to someone at the office with that name. “No, no-one works here by that name,” they were told. “Do you mean, Resha?” The caller happily exclaimed “Yes! That’s who it was! Resha!” And from then on my co-workers jokingly called me “Ashton Riley.”