Change For You

Have you ever just been moving along through life, minding your own business, when something happens that throws a wrench in everything? Like, it just comes out of left field, and makes you take a few steps back to figure out what in the world just happened? We all have, right? Almost immediately, we begin searching for clues to help us understand how this wrench was able to cruise through so easily and create havoc in our world.

It’s in these life moments that we can create meaningful change – change that can affect the entire course of the rest of our lives. Because we’re motivated to investigate every nook and cranny to find the breach, we gain key evidence about the condition of our lives. We may realize that a box has slowly been built around us, closing us in and limiting our potential. We may realize that we have let go of the dreams and goals that used to keep us up at night. We may realize that vital relationships were not as tight and secure as we thought they were. This is a good thing! It is good because, once we identify the problem, we can take the necessary steps to right the ship.

Make no mistake, the time for change is the very moment we realize we’re living with limitations. And let’s be clear, this is not a one-time event. There is going to be a constant need to re-evaluate and adjust to stay on course. So, go ahead and commit to that right now. Then, boldly press the reset button and use your energy to drive the changes you want to see in your life. Make a change for you!

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