The Situationship Trap

The situationship epidemic has gotten out of control. At first, it was kind of funny and I laughed at the idea because, well, it’s laughable. However, for reasons common sense cannot explain, a situationship has become a real thing that women are embracing. Sadly, I can hear the rising cheers and celebrations of commitment-phobic men across America because women have finally bought the false bill of goods they’ve been pushing for years.

For those who don’t know, a situationship is a pseudo-relationship, which basically means fake. There is no official status, no expectations and no commitment to each other for the purposes of building a true relationship. Basically, it reduces women to a fancied-up booty call, and in their delusion, women are OK with this setup. When did we fall completely off the cliff of sanity and plummet into the black chasm of utter foolishness?  Is it because our standards had already fallen so far that we just said ‘go ahead and toss them all out the window’? So, now we‘ve gone from giving him the milk, cookies, money, car and irreplaceable time in return for very low expectations – to doing it for free? Unbelievable. Almost.

Listen ladies. The words of our grandmothers still ring true. A man is going to treat you the way you allow him to treat you. If he views you as situationship material, it is only because you present that option via your actions, words and demeanor. We can and do set the tone for how we are treated. Please do not be so afraid of being alone that you settle for the least. Yes, I said the least, because a situationship is well below settling for less. Settling for less was having a sorry boyfriend who you knew was never going to marry you, but will live off of you and use you til death do you part. Situationship is a whole new low with no bottom in sight. That’s because it is a trap – a BIG OL’ HONKIN’ TRAP to make you think that this is what you have to accept. It is a lie to convince you that this is the best ‘men’ have to offer and you can only hope for it to get better over time. This is the delusional dream of having a future with a man who clearly shows you there is no future. This trap will keep you stuck in the muck and mire of turmoil, disappointment and hurt. This will ultimately turn into a bitterness that will damage your view of real men and real relationships.  When that happens, seeing a good man becomes almost impossible, because everything is filtered through the residue of situationship gunk that closes your mind to the idea of real happiness and fulfillment. Why do that to yourself?

The biggest lie is giving it a catchy name, and making it sound cool and trendy. Situationship, like side-chick, is geared towards further pushing women away from what they desire most – a loving, committed, lasting, REAL relationship that they can freely nurture. The very idea of situationship has a built-in self-destructive component intended to erase all evidence of what a real relationship should be. You are smarter than that. You deserve better. You deserve the best. You can have it – but it will never be found in a situationship. Think about it.

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