Why I Don’t Do Drama

Drama! Whew, the word alone stirs up memories of several dramatic moments I could have done without. At one point in my life, there was so much drama going on that I didn’t know if I was going or coming. I couldn’t sleep, was eating all of my emotions, piling on weight and worried constantly. It was like I was living in a whirlwind day and night. The worst part was I was only 21 years old! But the way I was dragging around you would have thought I was 65. I remember distinctly saying at the beginning of the New Year that I was going to be ‘drama free’. I’d had enough and was willing to do whatever it took to have peace. That was my turning point.

Today, I can look back and honestly say that everything I was experiencing was a bunch of foolishness that I allowed in my life. Yes, allowed. Of course, we deal with people and have no control over their actions, but the degree to which we allow it to control our lives is all on us. Once I made the quality decision to rid my life of all drama, it was time to do the work. I examined the relationships in my life and really asked myself if they were more trouble than they were worth. Things that I knew were bringing me down had to be cut off. This meant I was alone more than not, but I was beginning to get some peace. Now, don’t get me wrong. Drama is tricky. It’ll try to work its way back into your life through lies and negative emotions. I felt at times I was not doing the right thing because it hurt. But this is the thing. We have to choose our hurt. Did I want to hurt for a short time as I detoxed from harmful relationships and thoughts, or did I want a lifetime of hurt because I refused to change? The choice was mine. It had always been my choice.

So, once I finally got my mind right and learned to develop healthy relationships, I chose to guard my peace at all cost. At the first sign of drama I take action to stop it. Unfortunately, some people are addicted to drama and cannot function without it. I intentionally limit my time with those people. Also, I consciously choose who I want in my life instead of waiting for others to decide for me. This does not mean that I am a hermit by any means. I love people and try to be friendly and show love to everyone I meet. But my inner circle is a small group of like-minded people. I guess you could say it’s the Jesus approach. He could relate to all and showed genuine love to everyone he met. However, his confidants were the 12 who knew him intimately, and they were his inner circle. That is my blueprint and it has worked for a long time. The peace I experience every day in my home, marriage, with my children and those I love is evidence that a drama free life is worth the work. That is why I am diligent about keeping the door closed to drama.

What are some things you just “don’t do” anymore?

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