You Are Unstoppable!

Ever find yourself thinking of all the reasons why you cannot do something? Too easily we rattle off the long list of reasons why something cannot be accomplished, but its all lies. Amazing stories are in headlines daily about someone overcoming tremendous odds, physical limitations, financial hurdles and many other situations that seem to be insurmountable. The truth is, nothing is stopping us from becoming who and what we want to become in the life. We just have to believe it.

Therein lies the challenge. We find it easier to believe its possible for someone else, but when it comes to us….we choke. That’s because we have that incessant list of reasons circling our heads telling us it cannot be done by US. It may be possible for others but not US. Well, that’s just more lies, and its time we stop listening to them. Every one of us has to fight, defeat and silence those lies. We do that by choosing to think new thoughts. We must choose to think and say something new. It is simple, but powerful.

Want to give it a test run? List the top 5 lying thoughts that you entertain daily and write them down. Beside of each lie, write the truth. Then say the truth out loud. Now, read the true statements and think on them daily – ON PURPOSE. You will be amazed by the positive changes in your perspective and attitude in that specific area. You are unstoppable!


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