Start Taking Your Power Back Today!

At some point in our lives we have to realize that the majority our experiences are the result of our own actions and choices. Re-occurring patterns, both good and bad, are not coincidences. Unfortunately, we use excuses to explain why some negative scenarios keep happening over and over instead of digging deeper to find out why. We are not powerless victims of circumstance and it is irresponsible to use that excuse. Also, as long as we are pointing the finger at others we will not recognize how our own actions contribute to the challenges we face. We will not change our actions until we make the connection between actions and experiences.

For example, if we continually have failed relationships, problems with co-workers, difficulty making friends, then it is time to examine the common denominator – which is us. There is a reason why we attract the wrong things into our lives, and most of the time the reason is looking us in the mirror. The great news is there is a solution to all of these challenges! But it requires the hardest work of all = changing ourselves.

It is a hard truth, but until we face it our experiences will not change. We must stop making excuses. Excuses are lies we tell ourselves because we are too afraid or lazy to seek the knowledge and tools to change. Excuses create a lifetime of disappointment and unfulfilled potential. Let’s make a decision today to stop with the excuses and take action in our lives. We cannot waste another moment blaming others for our situation.  Every minute lost is one we will never get back. Taking our power back today will change our lives immediately. The responsibility is ours to examine our lives and see where we are missing the mark. This absolutely takes work on our end, but it will be worth it to have the life we want. This is not only our privilege, but our responsibility.

Start today.

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  • Eric Jones

    Dear Ashton,
    Very encouraging. Thank you:)

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