Big Dreams Don’t Fit Small Boxes

Dreams inspire faith because they produce hope. Dreams birth vision and purpose that drives us to strive for success because we are excited and motivated by the desire to see our dreams manifested in our lives. However, not everyone can see what we see and they may not understand or even like our dreams.

Unfortunately, sometimes the people closest to us do not or cannot support our dreams. If we listen to their negative words, it sows small seeds of doubt into our minds causing us to compromise our dreams and goals. Often, without realizing it, the pressure of those doubts affect our actions. We find ourselves reworking our dreams to fit someone else’s low expectations. We shrink to fit a smaller mold instead of blooming and bursting forth with our fullest potential. This is not okay.

When we recognize areas of compromise in our lives, it is our responsibility to change our course. To do this requires mental and spiritual toughness because most of the time it means we have to let go of people, places and things that are causing us to compromise our dreams. We have the ability to control who speaks into our lives and what we choose to believe. There is no excuse good enough to settle for less than we know we can achieve.

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