Dear Ashton – Don’t Put Your “Mouth” On My Friends!

Dear Ashton: My friend is a single mom, and there are so many negative assumptions about her situation. People talk and judge her but don’t know the half of her story, and as a friend it truly bothers me. She doesn’t speak up or say anything and I’m usually the one having to help her deal with it. What can I do to defend her?

— #Enough

Dear #Enough: I am personally familiar with the stigma of single motherhood, and understand the desire to defend your friend. But honestly, giving her your friendship and love are the best things you can do for her.

Choosing to show more love and respect to single mothers is one way – possibly the way – to combat the negative assumptions made about single parenthood. When we are all busy showing love and respect to single mothers, we have less time to judge and make assumptions about their situation. I believe this is the first and most important step to move forward.

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