Don’t Join The Fuss!

I heard a great message this morning and had to share it with you! Today it seems that joining the fuss has become a favorite past time for the majority of people. Social media has made it so easy to violently argue and debate points of view and it is fueling verbal fires across the internet. While everyone is screaming at one another, who is getting anything done? Who is actually doing anything about the issues being debated? (more…)

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Dear Ashton – Mother And Teenage Daughter At Odds

Dear Ashton: I can’t seem to talk to my teenage daughter anymore. It’s as if she resents me or has something against me. If I say anything to her it immediately becomes a VERY tense situation, and sometimes hurtful things are said. I don’t know what caused this, but we hardly talk, spend time together, and she seems to be very content with just letting our relationship die. I don’t get it, and it hurts me deeply. How can I find common ground with her to try to rebuild that loving mother-daughter relationship that we once had? I’m at a loss!

Desperate Mother


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Welcome to Ask Ashton!

Ask Ashton is a common sense advice column for the everyday woman dealing with real life challenges. So, if you are entering the teenage years of parenting, face the challenges of a blended family, struggle to balance work and marriage, or just need to cut loose some ‘friends’ who have overstayed their welcome in your life, this is the place for you.

Ask Ashton has “been there-done that,” and is ready to share real and practical solutions that can be used in real life situations.

Learn more, and meet the person behind Ask Ashton!

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